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Building a conservatory from the ground up

All good buildings need strong foundations

Foundations, services, drainage – our site survey will determine what is needed.  The first step is to prepare the ground and get the foundations in place. This is more complex than just pouring in concrete and involves as many as 7 different layers before you can tile or carpet.

We will dig out trenches for your foundations, the material removed will taken off site. Preparing the ground is the one section of the build where we have unknown factors, where potential problems my lurk under the soil. Once the trenches are dug to the required depth the concrete will arrive to provide the foundations.  

Any brick walls can then be started, building up from below ground level. On the inside of the conservatory work will also start on the base. There is often a need to dig out the soil first before filling the space in again, firstly with hardcore which is compacted down before being covered with building sand, this protects the next step which is a layer of damp proof membrane. The membrane covers the sand and it is lapped into the inner line of bricks.  At this point your brickwork and main build will start.

The next step is the installation of insulation, we use 100mm of Styrofoam, on top of this there is a further layer of concrete which brings the floor level.  You may then add a further level of screed before tiling.

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