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Work Schedule Update

The following list shows the work that is awaiting installation. This includes all installation work from Colourchange UPVC, Office Garden Rooms and Suffolk Conservatory.

Some of these installations may take half a day, others many weeks.

How do we plan your installation?

How we plan your installation. Once your order has been placed and deposit paid, we can move forward with ordering the materials.


For windows, doors, cladding, roofline products we order the products once we receive the deposit.

For conservatory projects, insulated roofs and garden offices we will have a rough date for installation. When your deposit is paid your price is fixed and protected against price increases. As we get closer to the installation date we order all the materials.

Once we have received all the materials, we will contact you and confirm an installation date.

Who is who, here?

Stephen Young (Steve) is your installation manager - he will be in touch to confirm your installation and manage the work undertaken by us.

Henriett Wilkinson (Heni) is your customer liaison contact. Heni liaises with Steve and Daryl to ensure that everything is running smoothly, and customers are kept informed.

Julian Evans (Julian) only works here Mondays and Fridays - if you can't get hold of Steve or Heni, Julian will be able to source some answers to any queries. 

Where are you in the work schedule?

This is a tricky one to answer because some jobs are reliant on planning permission, all are subject to availability of materials. We have different teams that are specialists in different types of installations. To try and help you understand where you are in the pipeline of work we have shown below the list of pending work.

"In Progress" shows we have started on the project. The number is your original quote number with LP for Large Project or INS for installation. With all construction work there will be projects that take longer than expected and sometimes quicker than expected. Once your date is set Steve or Heni will let you know of any tweaks to the start dates.

The following shows your quote numbers (not your invoice numbers)

In Progress - work that is underway:

13668 LP

13774 INS

13965 LP

13988 LP

14144 LP

14220 INS

14231 LP

14243 INS

14255 LP

14284 LP

14309 INS

Work that has been scheduled with a confirmed date:

13719 LP

14035 LP

14094 LP

14121 INS

14126 LP

14133 LP

14200 INS

14221 LP

14244 INS

14256 LP

14298 INS

14333 INS

The following additional orders are awaiting products and schedules:


13853 LP

14073 INS

14087 LP

14140 LP

14141 INS

14152 LP

14257 LP

14268 INS

14275 INS

14276 INS

14283 LP

14286 LP

14293 INS

14296 INS

14300 INS

14301 LP

14324 LP

14325 LP

14334 INS

14337 INS

14340 LP

14349 INS

14358 INS

14378 INS