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Flat roofs

Whether you are looking to replace the felt on your existing flat roof or wish to have the contemporary appearance of a flat roof you will find the latest products are a world away from the traditional materials.

Roofing felt, which is known to have issues created by extreme weather has been surpassed by technological developments of rubber materials.

Firestone have a product called RubberCover, This is an attractive and incredibly durable covering which operates in a temperature range of -45 degrees C, it can also withstand stretching to a point where is elongates by over 300%. Plus the manufacturing facilities have ISO14001 certification for the environmental management system. 

Supalite flat roof.JPG
Firestone flat roof.JPG

The best rubber roofs

If you are replacing your existing roof covering you may need to consider the every changing building regulations which are becoming ever stricter in respect of the insulation properties.

We work closely with Supalite and have the very best light weight roofing technology at our fingertips.

A replacement, fully insulated flat roof will provide additional benefits, saving you energy and making a space useable all year round.

Firestone RubberCover

Skylights and lanterns

Lanterns and skylights have improved dramatically too. Where once they would have been a serious source of heat loss/gain the impact has lessened through product development.

Titan "Edge" rooflights are a great example. Using solar reflective glass outside and low emission laminated glass inside, structurally bonded to special thermal frames provide an impressive "U" value of 1.3 w/m2k

Titan "edge" glass technology
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