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A new conservatory or insulated conservatory roof?

As we approach the completion of another conservatory we find our customers are starting to look ahead towards Christmas in the hope that their project will be finished on time.

The normal timescales for installing an insulated conservatory roof is a five day period to take off the existing roof and replace it with a tiled and insulated roof that enables homeowners to use the room all year round.

In this 5 day period all the main construction work is completed along with the first fix of electrical wiring (installing all the wires and equipment before it is linked into the circuit).

Once this stage has been reached we then arrange for the plasterer to come along and plaster the ceiling. That is normally during the second week. Once the plaster is dried our electrician can complete the installation (second fix) and from there issue a certificate.

Then the room is yours. Whilst we do all the build work, electrical work and plastering we don't do the decorating.

If I ordered a replacement roof when can I get mine installed?

As you may be aware there are a number of problems facing the construction industry at the moment, a shortage of materials, rising costs and a shortage of labour.

Our order books are full until March 2022, this is a mixture of the lockdown home improvement boom and the number of recommendations that we receive. We are training teams up at the moment to try and help speed up the installations. If we can recruit the right people we will be able to pull the work forward and installations may be possible in January.


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