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Colourchange UPVC featured in the East Anglian Daily Times today

Heatwave creates local business boom

As sweltering temperatures melt the roads, parch the grass and bring back memories of summers past they have also created furnace like temperatures in conservatories across the region.

Something that has benefited local business Colourchange UPVC, short-listed for the East Anglian Business awards in 2017, they are based at Rendlesham in Suffolk and are the region’s leading installers of insulated replacement roofs for conservatories.

Owner, Daryl Collins, told us that “business enquiries had tripled with the recent hot spell, the excessive heat is not just impossible to sit in it, causes all sorts of problems and damage as temperatures in conservatories soared above 120 degrees”

The insulated roofs are renowned for keeping a conservatory warm in the winter and cool in the Summer allowing home owners to use the room all year round.


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