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Flat roof extensions with Firestone EPDM

If you have a leaky flat roof with old felt and are looking to repair it, or if you are considering a new flat roof on an extension the Firestone Rubber Cover EPDM product will give you a trouble free solution - with a 20 year guarantee!

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What dies EPDM mean?

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer

Is Firestone EPDM rubber suitable for my roof?

Almost certainly, there are very few instances when Firsestone EPDM cannot be installed.

Can I walk on my new roof?

Yes, it is designed for maintenance access. Also, because the roof is not covered with sharp chippings you won't nedd to keep scooping then out of your gutter.

Is Firestone EPDM expensive?

No. Despite its considerable technical and lifespan advantages, Firestone EPDM compares very well indeed to traditional materials.

Is Firestone EPDM guaranteed?

FIrestone EPDM products are guaranteed against leakage for 20 years.

Who else uses EPDM?

EPDM is currently protecting roofs for:

Honda, Ford, McDonalds, ESSO, Rover, Center Parcs, Jaguar, Peugeot Talbot, ICL,Tag-Mclaren, Marks and Spencer, TOyota, Eurodisney, Goodyear, Coca-Cola.

Firestone EPDM is so superior, why isn't everyone using it?

The product manufacturers have a very strong branding that has taken years to establish. Consequently, only approved installers that have proven they can maintain the high standards required are allowed to use the materials and be recognised as an authorised contractor


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