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We need more double glazed windows and doors!

Our workshop and storage areas look packed full of double glazed windows and doors for conservatories. Whilst better than a few months ago, when most of the manufacturers had halted their production lines because of the Coronavirus, this apparent bounty of deliveries is not as good as it appears.

We used to get UPVC windows and doors delivered within two weeks of ordering them, Composite doors took around 5 weeks, aluminium windows and doors around four weeks and glass could take a couple of days.

Now we have 8 - 10 weeks for UPVC windows and doors, composite doors are 10 weeks minimum, aluminium bifolds and windows are still around 4 weeks but the glazing causes delays. We can manage and work around these delays – our biggest problem is the “part order”

We can order seven double glazed units for a conservatory, when the lorry arrives we unload six units with one to follow because they were short of a specific hinge. They didn’t have space to store it at the manufacturers so they deliver it to us.

Clearly we can’t start the installation without all the components so we have a delay for our customers and end up with a yard full of frames that we can’t book out.

Suffolk Conservatory is a division of Colourchange UPVC who supply the trade and retail markets so we know that everyone is in the same situation. Plenty of orders but an unreliable supply chain for materials causing frustrating delays and complicated work schedules at short notice.

Things are slowly improving but we are told the construction industry could be facing a further year of disruption.


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