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Why you should replace your traditional conservatory roof with an insulated roof

Why You Should Replace Your Traditional Conservatory Roof With an Insulated Roof When Setting up Energy in Your New Home

A conservatory can be a huge draw when choosing a new home. And if you find a property

within your price range that already has a conservatory, it can make for the home of your dreams. But not all conservatories are created equal. Especially when it comes to their roofing. Insulated conservatory roofing is vastly superior in terms of energy conservation. Here’s why you should replace your traditional roof with an insulated roof when setting up energy in your new home.

What does it mean to set up energy in your new home?

Just to clarify, when we talk about setting up energy in your new home, we don’t mean setting up a new connection to the national grid. This is usually taken care of for you. We mean ensuring that you have the right energy plan for your needs and usage from the day you move in. The team at Switch-Plan can help you with setting up energy in your new home. They can match you to the right energy plan for your needs and usage, as well as managing your switch for you to bring you cheaper energy faster. Setting up energy in your new home also means ensuring that your energy infrastructure is as safe, efficient and fit-for-purpose as possible. Which brings us to...

What are the benefits of an insulated roof over a traditional roof?

An insulated roof brings energy saving benefits that a traditional polycarbonate roof can’t match. As well as saving you money, it can make your conservatory a more comfortable place to spend time.

Retains heat in winter

We install Supalite insulated roofing to ensure that your conservatory retains as much heat as possible in the winter months. Old-fashioned polycarbonate roofing has a nasty habit of letting the heat that you pay for drift out through it.

Prevents overheating in summer

An insulated roof doesn’t just keep your conservatory warm in winter, it prevents it from becoming a hotbox in summer. The problem with polycarbonate is that it can make your conservatory uncomfortably hot on the days when you’re most likely to want to use it.

Keeps out distracting noise

An insulated doesn’t just insulate thermally. It also prevents unwelcome noises from encroaching on your relaxation space. The pitter patter of raindrops can be distractingly loud on a traditional roof. An insulated roof keeps out unwelcome noise from outside so you can relax in peace and quiet in your conservatory.

How long does a conservatory roof replacement take?

A conservatory roof replacement is not as costly or disruptive as you may assume. In most cases, a roof replacement can be carried out within a week and leave you with decades’ worth of energy savings.


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