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Single storey extension for your home

From “Love it or List it”, “Grand Designs”,  “Ugly house to Lovely house” or one of the multitude of broadcast TV make over shows, we see the same solutions – Single storey extensions.


"What is the difference between a single story extension and a conservatory?” is a question that we are frequently asked at Suffolk Conservatory.


When conservatories were simply made of UPVC frames, glass and a poly-carbonate roof there was a significant difference. But now we see bi-fold doors, insulated roofs, supporting brickwork, fitted out with underfloor heating and integrated lighting and sound systems the gap between the modern conservatory and a single storey extension has narrowed.


If you are looking to develop your property with a single story extension here are things to consider.


Budget – for a standard project plan £1,500 to £1,900 a square meter, add around 5% for architects fees, engineer and survey fees may add another £1,000 to £2,000. Don’t forget the VAT!


Planning permission – there is no easy answer. You may be able to extend within “planning development rights”, avoiding the need for planning permission, if your project height and footprint meet permitted development criteria. You will certainly need to comply with all building regulations.


Make your project easier with our office team who take care of all the legal requirements, plan the project and make it easier for you.

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