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SupaLite replacement roofs

SupaLite, revolutionary conservatory roof systems

Watch the video to see how a new SupaLite roof is fitted to your conservatory 


The tried and tested roofing system that transforms your conservatory.

The interior finish provides you with a vaulted ceiling with integrated lighting and amongst the very best insulation available in the replacement roofing market.

"Making rooms out of conservatories" - a phrase that is well suited to the transformation achieved with the SupaLite warmroof.

Heavily insulated to create a cosy room

The SupaLite roofing system creates a space that is cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The testing and product development has created a system that incorporates multiple layers of insulation, integrating air flow channels to prevent condensation.

"When replacing your old conservatory roof with a SupaLite, roof you are immediately reducing your properties carbon footprint and reducing your energy costs"

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