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Conservatories and insulated replacement roofs

It's been a busy couple of months with plenty of new conservatories and replacement conservatory roofs being installed.

Through the winter we explain to customers that the insulated conservatory replacement roofs keep the room warm when it is cold outside. A few days of warm Spring sun and we find ourselves explaining that the insulated roofs keep the room cooler in Summer.

Of course they do both, and with all the insulation used in a SupaLite roof they do it very well. With the old style poly-carbonate roofs homeowners often found that their conservatories are not used for half the year - and they caused drafts for the adjoining room. A new roof adds value to your home and reduces the energy bills!

Nearly 100% of the new build conservatories have the insulated roofing system, those that don't use the fully insulated roofs tend to have lanterns with a flat roof.

Pop along to our showroom and see various styles and designs. You will find a relaxed and pleasant environment and you won't have sales people trying to get you to agree to buying something!!


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